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I placed an update on yesterday’s post if you are interested to see how it turned out. I did adhere to the program swimmingly, no cheating. I topped the evening off last night with a nice cup of hot herbal tea and did not feel hungry at all.

I did wake up a little hungry this morning. The glass of lemon water that I am planning should help with that. I sure am hoping that I like my food better today. It took me a little over an hour to put my meals together and to clean up.

Today’s Menu:

Simple Strawberry Shake
Apple Green Martini
Ginger Soup
Marvelous Minestrone
Soup (undecided right now)

Marvelous Minestrone, Apple Green Mar-tea-ni, Simple Strawberry Shake

Marvelous Minestrone, Apple Green Mar-tea-ni, and Simple Strawberry Shake

Today’s Weight: 153# (down 1.5#)

For those who are joining me, how did it go yesterday?

Update: Today actually went better than yesterday.  Yesterday, I was feeling that I was so over these recipes. Today, I think I could do this over whenever needed (said: get too fat again).

Simple Strawberry Shake: This was very simple and refreshing. I’m not a fan of vanilla in my drinks, but I enjoyed this on today.

Apple Mar-tea-ni: I have only made this once in the past and have not enjoyed it at all. This time, I made it in the Vitamix, which made it much smoother than the cheap personal blender that I used last time.

Ginger Soup: Ah…the Ginger Soup. Remember how it gagged me yesterday, but diligent dieter that I am, I did manage to suck it down. I had this for today’s lunch, but added some sea salt and cayenne pepper. Much better. I liked this today.

Minestrone Soup: I decided to look at the Ani’s plan this morning and discovered that the Minestrone Soup was supposed to be for dinner, not Snack 2. Oh well, I had to go with it as I have no extra time in the morning. This soup is delicious. Again, I used the Vitamix. As I was drinking this, I was thinking about how good this would taste with a stalk of celery, jalapeno olives, and some vodka. 🙂

Dinner: I decided on the Pina Colada Shake because I had to make it for tomorrow’s breakfast. OH, my gosh, it was EXCELLENT! It called for Matcha tea. I hope I am not up all night.