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I’ve been a long time missing and have missed blogging. At some point, I may end up being the woman who blogs about all kinds of dieting, only to lose and gain twenty pounds each time.  I know…this is very bad for the heart.

Juice: Bok Choy DSC08142So, here I am back and blogging about juicing. I have been toying with the idea of doing the Reboot with Joe Cross Juicing plan.  I have the juicer out and just need to get psyched to actually play out the plan.  Today, I made a juice that I wanted to share. It is really quit easy if you have your fruits and veggies prepped.

Bok Choy Juice

1/2 baby bok choy
6 carrots
2 stalks celery
1 apple

Send it through the juicer, and that’s it. Drink Up!

Juice: Remnants DSC08150One thing about juicing that is a little time-consuming is cleaning up afterward. It’s a little putsy. I like to use this little spatula to help me out.

Juice: Spatula DSC08152

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