Ani’s Fat Blast

Ani Phyo to the Rescue!

I needed to lose some weight and decided to try Ani Phyo’s 15 Day Fat Blast program.  Some of my friends tried the program and had great success.  After the initial 15 days of slicing, dicing and blending, I was feeling great, carrying less weight and enjoying a new way of eating healthy, raw foods.

Click on any link below to see how each of my days went, the challenges I faced, and the end result of these amazing 15 days.

Starting Ani’s Fat Blast

Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 1     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 2     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 3

Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 4     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 5     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 6

Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 7     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 8     Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 9

Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 10    Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 11   Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 12

Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 13    Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 14    Ani’s Fat Blast: Day 15

Post Ani’s: Day 1   Post Ani’s: Day 2   Post Ani’s: Day 3   Post Ani’s: Day 4

Post Ani’s: Day 5     Post Ani’s: Day 22   Post Ani’s: One Month Out

Post Ani’s: Five Months Out

Post Ani’s: Seven Months Out~Day 1
Post Ani’s: Seven Months Out~Day 2
Post Ani’s: Seven Months Out~Day 3
Post Ani’s: Seven Months Out~Day 4

Post Ani’s Fat Blast: One Year Later and Back at It

6 thoughts on “Ani’s Fat Blast”

  1. hellohollye said:

    I’m on day one… thanks for the info!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  3. I followed Ani’s “fast blast” in the summer and loved it! We’re still addicted to her collard wraps. 🙂

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